Water Damage Repair Specialists

Water damage can happen to any property owner, at any time. A water pipe could have busted or you could have a hard to detect slow leak.

Either way, water damage is a problem that needs immediate attention. Water is detrimental to your carpet and the physical structure of your property.  It is also a safety issue as well.

When you notice that your carpet is soaking wet we recommend that you do not touch any appliances.

Next, find the leak and turn off the source of water. Once you have completed these steps call Carpet Repair Lexington and we will take care of the rest!

Our water damage repair specialists will remove any sign of moisture from your carpet by using our truck mounted water extraction system.

After the water is removed, we situate powerful industrial fans around the affected area to turbocharge drying times.

When your carpet is dry, we will inspect and repair your carpet if needed.

Give us a call today at 502-208-2545 to schedule your appointment.