Carpet Dyeing

Bleach Spot Repair

Does your carpet have a dreaded bleach spot that you wish would disappear today? We can make your dreams come true right now!

We have the ability to color match the bleached area back to its original color. Sounds like magic right? We use technology that allows us to take a picture of the bleached area and determine the exact color formula required to dye the bleached area.

Contact us at 502-208-2545 for more information!


Custom Color Change

Want to change the look of your home without blowing your budget? How about changing the color of your carpet?

Replacing carpet is time-consuming and expensive. Our custom color change solution is an inexpensive alternative to replacing your carpet.

The best thing about our color change solution is that you are in control! You can choose a color to match the new decor of your home.

Our color change solution will save you up to 75% of the cost of replacement.  Contact us today at 502-208-2545 for more information.

Color Cleaning Your Carpet

Did you know that your carpet will lose up to 3% of its color every year? The naked eye will not pick up on this color loss until your carpet loses 10% of its color.

Instead of watching your carpet lose color year after year, you can finally do something about it! Our color cleaning solution will keep your carpet looking vibrant and new!

We use a striking agent that is soapless and odorless. We combine this with a proprietary dye solution that colors and cleans your carpet at the same time! You will not find this service anywhere else in the state!

Our dyes are completely safe, odorless and colorfast immediately. Learn more about our innovative service by calling 502-208-2545 today!