Carpet To Tile Transition Repair

Are you in the middle of a home remodel? Need help putting the finishing touches to your tile install?

We are here to help! Carpet to tile transitions can be difficult to get right after renovations are complete. Going the do it yourself route usually ends up being more headache that it is worth.

Hiring trained professionals from Carpet Repair Lexington will make your carpet to tile transition issues disappear!

We know how to make your transition look good! We do this by re-stretching your carpet to meet the new tile flooring. This creates a clean transition and prevents the edge of your carpet from being frayed or torn.

A re-stretch prevents your carpet from becoming wrinkled down the road. If needed we can use transition strips to create a smooth joint between the carpet and tile.

Our repair solutions are quick and affordable! Give us a call today at 502-208-2545 to learn more about our carpet to tile repair options.